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Giveaway winner announced! Exciting news for 2019! New Reel Sponsor. This year is starting off great! Can't wait to get out on the water with these new...." " from my newest sponsor. Feeling blessed guys. Make sure to give a thumbs up to help me continue making videos! Thanks for subscribing! Got a question, leave it in the comments. New Lews Fishing Team Sponsor! Lews Hypermag - Lews BB1 Pro - Lews Tournament Pro - Lews Custom Lite - Need a Kayak?? Check them out below. BUY NOW: ---------MY USUAL KAYAK SETUP---------- Trolling motor: WATER SHOES : HOBIE PA14 Kayak: My PFD: H-Crate for Hobie: BooneDox Landing Gear: Water Ninja Trolling Motor (Hobie Kayaks): Werner Paddle: Kistler Rod: Shimano Reel: Aleader Water Shoes: Sport Buff: VentureTube Water Ninja Trolling Motor: Seagar Fishing Line: Go Pro: My Camera: buff rods line scent pfd reels cooler camera lures jig ---My Website--- ---INSTAGRAM--- ---FaceBook--- summer bass fishing, fall bass fishing, kayak fishing, inflatable kayak, sea eagle, hobie kayaks, lake conroe, winter bass fishing, best baitcaster 2019, lews fishing reels sponsor, lews fishing reels review Best Baitcaster 2019

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