2018 Hobie Kayak Lineup. Which is Best for Me and YOU? Giveaway winner!

SUP PEEPS! Wanted to give you guys a break down of the votes so far. FYI, a lot of you were saying to keep the PA14 to fish from. I will be keeping that boat and will be tournament fishing from it....always. I probably didn't make that clear in the video....sorry.. The boat you guys are voting on is for what yall would like to see the most. Ideas of what would be the coolest boat. Which boat could offer the most adventure?? Thoughts? So far the Hobie PA17t is winning by a mile! Votes: Hobie PA17t 20 votes i11 4 votes Outback 7 votes Compass 4 votes Tandem Island 1 vote Outfitter Tan 1 vote You guys share this video if you will. Would like to reach as many people as possible to see what 2018 Hobie the masses want to see!! Thanks peeps. C'MON!!

#Venturetube #2018Hobielineup #HobieKayak #kayakfishing #bassfishing

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