Freshwater Hybrid Striped Bass RECIPE! HOW TO COOK STRIPED BASS - Simple recipe at home in Texas

Enjoy this simple recipe of How To Cook Fresh Water Striped Bass at home! This was my first attempt of pan searing a fresh water striped bass. I've tried frying it before and it is really too delicate of a fish to fry. It came out mushy and not that great. This time we pan sear it or blackened it per say and it was DELICIOUS! Using simple ingredients, this was an easy and healthy option for fish..I like it especially because of how many we have right here in Lake Conroe, FREE DINNER! C'mon! Let me know if you try it out! Keep God in your heart and a rod in your hand! Thanks for subscribing! Got a question, leave it in the comments below! ---------MY KAYAK SETUP----------HOBIE PA14 Kayak: My PFD: H-Crate for Hobie: BooneDox Landing Gear: Werner Paddle: Kistler Rod: Shimano Reel: Aleader Water Shoes: Bait mostly used, Zoom Brushhog: Sport Buff: Seagar Fishing Line: Go Pro: ---My Website--- ---INSTAGRAM--- ---FaceBook---

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