Birthday VLOG! Sailing Hobie AI with Wife, DJI Mavic Pro Drone, Giant Jenga,Kayak BASS fishing

2017 Texas VentureTube VLOG #2. Come with me on my two day celebration for my birthday this year. My wife and I sail our Hobie AI on Lake Conroe on day one. We had a blast on the water and also realized that she needs to work on her assembly skills haha...the right ama disconnected shortly after we got on the water, just glad it was before we were on the big water! She is still learning! Next day, fishing tournament with my good friend on Lake Conroe. Him in his Pelican Enforcer and I in my Hobie PA14. Score - Me 5, Ruben 2. It was a great way to start the day! Later we travel to my good friend, Wade's house to celebrate his wife and I's birthday. He had some great food and it's always fun to be there! We had to also play around with his new DJI Mavic Pro drone! The night ended with an intense game of giant Jenga lol! Couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday! I want to thank everyone for being there and celebrating with me and making some great memories. DJI Mavic Pro Drone: Keep God in your heart and a rod in your hand! Thanks for subscribing! Got a question, leave it in the comments below! ---------MY KAYAK SETUP---------- HOBIE PA14 Kayak: My PFD: H-Crate for Hobie: BooneDox Landing Gear: Werner Paddle: Kistler Rod: Shimano Reel: Aleader Water Shoes: Sport Buff: VentureTube Water Ninja Trolling Motor: Seagar Fishing Line: Go Pro: ---My Website--- ---INSTAGRAM---

#DJIMavicProDrone #venturetube #Hobie #lakeconroe #texas #hobieisland #hobieia #texasfishingvlog

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