What does Poison Ivy, Hemorrhoids, and Sin have in Common??

What does Poison Ivy, Hemorrhoids and Sin all have in Common? Gary is on the show today to tell this story... It's funny when you think about these three things together, but in the end, they all are a serious matter that need attention. We all struggle with that itch, the itch of sin. It's our human nature that sometimes lets the devil get the best of us. But, when we give our hearts and our life over to Jesus Christ, the devil can no longer keep a hold of us. God sent his only son, Jesus Christ to give his life for our sin. It's such a minor thing in comparison to be able to give our hearts to HIM. When you give your life and live in Jesus Christ, you not only get to cast out the devil here on earth, but you get to live on eternally in Heaven. We will all sin, we all fall short, but if we confess our sins and start living in Jesus, we are forgiven. Sin is the destroyer of our lives and hearts, if you need help and want to give your life to Christ, please find a good bible based church and talk to someone and get baptized.

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