VENTURETUBE: Recycled WORMS, Best Value Reel, and some BASS!

VENTURETUBE: Recycled WORMS, Best Value Reel, and some BASS!

This video will show you that recycled worms do work. I pick up old plastics every time I go fishing, stuff them in a plastic bag and melt them down later to use when I'm not fishing tournaments. It's a major money saver and I'd like to think I'm being a little earth friendly in doing this, also. Sometimes, I will separate the colors and melt them down, and sometimes I don't. That is when you get the green color like in the video. Try it out, they work!

I also show you in this video a favorite reel of mine. It's a Daiwa bait caster that I purchased on sale for 29.99, regular price 99.99. At either price range, it's well worth the money. I have had ZERO problems with this reel and highly recommend it. I even have it on a 200.00 that tells you right's a dang good reel!

This video was shot off the bank at Pine Lake Ranch in Montgomery, Tx. This is a private lake available for use when you use the venue.

Location: Reel:

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