BMW R1200GSA CAMPING TRIP 2017 NEW BRAUNFELS Enjoy these clips from my wife and I's anniversary trip where we packed up everything we could on my motorcycle and headed for clear water. We had everything we needed from food to the tent and air mattress. I will put a full list below. Nothing is better than getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work life and just being one with nature with just the essentials and the love of your life. If you have never done this it. You won't regret it! Our packing list: Clothes Flip Flops Tent Air Mattress Portable Heater Blow up lounge chair Sleeping bags Lantern Cast Iron Skillet 2 burners plates, silverware, cups Fishing Poles, (2 - 1 spinning reel, 1- fly rod) Hygiene products Water container Food (Coffee, hot chocolate, wine, water filter stick, avocados, eggs, ramen, chips, dip, pork chops, pasta, tuna, canned chicken, chocolate, nuts) Blow up lounge chair: Primus Lantern: Tent: Sleeping Bags:

#motorcyclecampingtrip #BMWR1200GSA #camping #newbraunfels #venturetube

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