HOW TO Cook Your TURKEY in the GROUND! ***MUST SEE!***

Thanksgiving 2016, Tom Turkey...buried in the ground to cook overnight! My wife usually does all of the holiday cooking. This year I decided to try to help her out a bit by cooking the the ground! This idea was given to me by my good friend, Gary Sharpe. This has been a tradition for his family for many years and he passed it on to me. I'm not going to say it was easy...but, it was definitely worth it! You get to burn calories to make room for every time you go back for seconds, spend time with family the night before, roasting weenies and making smores over a nice big fire and the next day you have a delicious turkey that you didn't have to baste every hr! Not only that, it's way healthier! Here's a few things you will need: Firewood 18 Gauge balling wire Burlap Sack Disposable Oven Roasting pan Play Sand Safety Glasses Fire Extinguisher Thick Work Gloves River Rocks Tom Turkey! DO NOT USE CONCRETE OR BRICKS - They are a fire hazard Step 1: Get a cute partner Dig a 3x3x3 ft hole in a safe location (you might need to contact your local utilities to check if it is safe to dig) Digging the hole is the hardest part! Step 2: Dig a chute to bury the wire to be able to pull your turkey out when it's done. 2/3 deep is fine. Then the hole is done! Step 3: Start your fire! Invite friends and family over for hotdogs and smores Burn a lot of wood! I put two pallets on top of the fire wood. Step 4: Season your turkey, inject it to make it taste good! (Please make sure you have already cleaned and taken out the neck and gizzards!) Wrap it in your bake bag and put it in the roasting pan. Then place it in the burlap sack. Cut 4 ft of the wire to wrap around and tie the sack with. Leave enough for the chute. Wet the sack. Set 5: Dig out about 1/2 of the hot coals & rocks. Level it out. Put a layer of sand on top of your coals about 1" thick to keep the sack from burning. Place in your turkey. Fill in the edges with sand and then top it off with sand covering the turkey. Put in the rest of the hot coals. Then bury it with remaining dirt. DIG IT UP AFTER 12hrs OR SO! We ended up with a delicious, juicy, tasty turkey! I won't say it was better than the wife's...because I'm smart lol. But, it was darn good and well worth all the effort! So, try this out this holiday season, you won't be disappointed!

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