VentureTube Florida KAYAK BASS Fishing Part 2

Dennis of Crawfish Creek Custom Lures and myself were given the opportunity to visit my good friend Rob Farabee in Avon Park Florida to do some bass fishing. Rob served as our guide as we travled around fishing local lakes everyday for the 4 days of our stay. Although we fished many cool lakes, we did not get to fish Lake Okeechobee which was a bummer. Oh me an excuse to go back right?! Each day we challenged ourselves and had a little pride tournament between us. In this video, we fished on the same day of our arrival which was pretty exhausting. I mean, we did just drive 15 hours but hey, we're Texas fisherman. The name of the lake was Fox Lake and it was pretty small. It had tons of grass and different vegitation. The challenge for today was the person who catches the first fish wins. Well I caught the first one. I didn't get bit until I started flipping deep in the reeds. I managed to catch 3 fish. 1 dink and 2 over 20" I really can't compalin about that for just a couple hours fishing on a unknown lake. Stay tuned guys. There's more to come with more Florida bass fishing. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe if you're new to the VentureTube channel. Cmon! Lure Strike King Rage Menace Blk/Blue Rod 7'2 Heavy Pro Advantage Insight Line Fins 65lb Braid Hook Trokkar flippin 5/0 Reel Lew BB1 Kayak Pelican Catch 120 Camera Gitup Git2 Music Pilots Of Stone by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

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