KastKing 24 Rod Holder Rack REVIEW

A KastKing fishing rod rack is a must-have rod organizer for you to own if you've begun to accumulate spinning rods or baitcasting rod and need a convenient place to store and protect your fishing gear. With its extremely lightweight design and minimal size, it serves as a perfect piece to make a boat rod rack even for trolling rods, fly fishing rods, or baitcasting combos and spinning combos with fishing reels in place. A KastKing rack allows you to not only organize, but protect your rod as well. KastKing racks are available in sizes that hold 12 or 24 fishing rods. The 24 rod rack will hold larger saltwater rods while the 12 rod rack is recommended for freshwater bass rods with smaller handles. Both will work for freshwater style rods. By getting your rods organized, you now have more time to set up your jigs, spoons, and tie your flies. If you thought a good tackle box simplified your life, wait 'til you get a KastKing fishing pole holder! The KastKing fishing tackle management system won a Best of Show Award at ICAST 2015 (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades). Ideal rod rack for any angler, attractive packaging makes these fishing rod racks a great gift. 3-Year Warranty. KastKing Keeps Fishing Fun…by keeping it affordable. 24 Rod Rack accommodates rods with up to 1 ¾ inch diameter handles. Patent-pending KastKing Rod Racks are light weight: 12-Rod Rack: 3LB 24-Rod Rack: 4.8LB Fold Flat Rack: 2LB Minimal Floor Space - Dimension (Height×Width×Depth): 12 Rods: 15.5"×17"×12" 12 Rod Racks uses only 189.75 square inches (1.32 sq. ft.) of floor space 24 Rods: 28.5"×29"×13" 24 Rod Racks only use 363.375 square inches (2.52 sq. ft.) of floor space 12-Foldable: 14"x16.5"x7.25" Amazon link to buy: https://www.amazon.com/KastKing-24-Fi... Find more info on my website: http://www.venturetube.net/shop

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