LIVE TARGET Sunfish KnockOFF $5 99

Found this gem at Academy Sports & Outdoors today. It's the H2O Express version of the LIve Target Sunfish. The beauty of it is the price costing less than half of the competition at $5.99. While at Academy, I unboxed both the H2O and Live Target to do a side by side comparison. Here's what I found. Pros (H2O): Price. You can purchase 2 for the price of one Live Target lure Finish: The detail of the paint job, in my opinion, is better than the Live Target. Different styles are available as well. Hooks: Made with durable and sharp Mustad hooks. Con's: Packaging: Isn't as appealing to the eye as much as the Live Target. But who cares?? It's what's on the inside that counts! Catch fish, not yourself. Unpainted belly weight: Could make a difference in the amount of fish you catch.......but probably not. To remedy, slap a little paint on it. C'mon! Tail: Tail is smaller in size and lacks the realism of the Live Target...but again, this is small potatoes.. So guys, that's not much of a con's list mostly because they're aren't really any to talk about. It looks well made because it is well made. It's priced right and comes in six different color patterns. Live Target has more choices of hollow body bream but honestly, how many do you need?? Stay tuned where I'll take this lure out and put it through the real test and see how it performs. Top water fishing is the best guys. Give it a try! H2O Express has 6 different color options to choose from. Check them out here! You can also check out the variety of Live Target sunfish here. As always guys, thanks for watching!

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