Big Bass Tony makes the Hobie Pro Team!

This video is about the day I went to pick up my new 2016 dune Hobie PA14. Got her almost completely rigged up, took her out for a test ride, caught some fish, and ended the evening with a HUGE bass just shy of double digits. This new 2016 Hobie PA14 is one complete package integrated with the new glide technology mirage drive fins that provide effortless propulsion, the Hobie H-Rail system making rigging literally a snap, a retractable skeg and so much more. Looking forward to fishing from this amazing boat this year in the Kayak Anglers Tournament Series (KATS). Big THANKS to Austin Canoe & Kayak of spring for this sponsorship. I honored to represent this sport and hope to do so in the most fun and proffesional way possible. Thanks for watching guys and for you tournament yakers, watchout, BBT's coming for you in his new Hobie!....C'mon!

#2016hobieproangler14 #2016hobieproangler12 #2016hobieoutback #2016hobierevolution #2016hobieadventureisland #2016hobietandemisland #hobieprofishingteam #kayakbassfishing #diykayakrigging #bigbassfromkayak

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