2015 Water Ninja Trolling Motor

Saltwater anyone?

You guys made the suggestion, we listened!

Introducing the new 2015 Saltwater Edition Water Ninja Trolling Motor for Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks! Once again this motor offers a simplistic design that's quick, quiet, very efficient, and let's not forget wallet friendly. At a little over 7lbs, this little motor drops effortlessly in your Mirage Drive Hobie but packs quite a punch for its small 18lbs of thrust. Result?! A small, easily stored, lightweight, efficient motor that will last throughout a days fishing and get you to your favorite fishing spot in no time! With it's Hi/Lo forward switch, tuning in that perfect trolling speed has never been easier! And let's not forget Reverse!! The ability to reverse while fishing is vital and the Ninja's ability to backup will simply put more fish in your yak! Not a fisherman?? No problem! Many kayak enthusiast love using the Ninja to take them on a relaxing, stress free journey! So what are you waiting for?? This is the best priced trolling motor for a Hobie kayak period! For only $350 with free shipping, you just can't afford not to add this motor to your arsenal of kayak goodies!!

For any questions regarding this motor, feel free to send me an email! I would love to set you up with a Ninja! You'll love it! C'mon! motoguy83@gmail.com


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