The VenturePole Stick N Fish! The best priced stake out pole available!

It's finally available! The VenturePole Stick-N-Fish is the best priced stake out pole available to quickly anchor your kayak. Priced to sell at $60 with free shipping, this anchor will keep you where the fish are biting! With it's flexible, light weight, and long 8 foot length, everyone will be catching more fish quickly, quietly, and effectively. So don't wait, order your VenturePole Stick-N-Fish today by emailing Tony directly @ or visit my new website @ Thank you everyone for your support! It's greatly appreciated! As always, thanks for watching and remember, "FISHING IS RELIGIOUS!" C'MON!

#fishing #hobie #kayak #venturetube #youtube #fishnstick #stakeoutpole

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